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Marriage Builder: Parent or partner?

Do your activities reflect your role as a partner or a parent? It’s easy to get so involved in our kids’ activities — hockey, basketball, ballet, piano or whatever — that we feel more like a chauffeur than a mate. How do we focus on our marriage in the middle of busy family schedules? We can start by evaluating our present activities.

No time alone!
Jennifer and Frank were overloaded with work, and each of their children had a heavy schedule of their own. As they checked their schedules, it was obvious what was missing — time alone for the parents! They decided to take some time away from their hectic schedule. Jennifer told us, “We couldn’t afford to take it — no, we couldn’t afford NOT to take it!”

Their date lasted several hours and helped both Jennifer and Frank to refocus on each other. When they returned home, they were much more productive. They were refocused on each other — not their immediate hassle! Take a break
Sometimes we find if we just take a fifteen-minute break with tall glasses of iced tea and focus on or touch base with each other, it helps us. Life seems more manageable when we can step back — even if it’s just for 15 minutes.

Here’s a tip for you. Your children’s activities are important, but don’t allow yourself to become a slave to your parenting role and forget your partner. So parents, take some time right now to refocus on your partner. Your marriage will be stronger for it. And you’ll be a great role model for your kids!

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