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Marriage Builder – Do the unexpected

Good marriages don’t stand still. They need to grow
constantly or they will become stale. Current research
testifies that many marriages go stale over time. Is your
marriage growing or standing still?

Keeping it fresh
Actually, standing still is not really an option. Maybe you’d like to take a growth spurt in your marriage but just don’t know where to begin. Here are some suggestions to keep your marriage growing and fresh.

Start by adding some spontaneity to your marriage relationship. Do the unexpected or unusual. Consider the following:

1. Write your mate a letter or e-mail and describe your first date and how you felt. If you send it to your mate place of work, be sure to write “personal” on the envelope.

2. If you like to take videos, why not secretly produce your own video clips of the history of your marriage. Add vocals and background music of “your song” from years past.

3. Consider kidnapping your mate for a couple of hours. Make reservations at a restaurant where you’ve never eaten and keep your destination a secret. Once you begin to think about it, you’ll find all kinds of unusual and unexpected things you can do to keep your marriage fresh and flavorful.

4. You could leave a love note in an unexpected place, taped to the toothpaste tube or folded in a pocket.

As you surprise your mate and do the unexpected, watch out — you might get some surprises! One thing’s for sure — your marriage won’t stand still!

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