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Marriage Builder – Have you hugged your partner today?

Have you given your honey a hug today? If not, get with it! We can’t overemphasize the importance of touch in the marriage relationship. At the Arps, hugs are important! How about at your house?

Touch essentials
We all need to be touched. Newborn babies must be touched to survive and thrive. Our need to be touched persists all our lives; touch is almost as essential as food.

Let’s look at what a hug can communicate:

  • It can say, “You’re appreciated; you’re okay; I care about you.”
  • It can relieve stress.
  • It can heal old wounds.
  • It can comfort more than words.

Hugs help to fill our emotional tank. If your tank is empty, why not put a sign up in a prominent place that says, “I need a hug.” And remember, when you give a big hug, you get one back at the same time.

Here’s an action point: Hug someone you love today, and for the next week, give that person a minimum of three hugs a day. Remember, a hug restores the soul-and the relationship!

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