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Marriage Builder – ‘Til debt do us part

Have you heard the saying, “Till debt do us part?” Perhaps this is a sensitive subject at your house. If so, it’s time to discuss finances and how they relate to your marriage team. Money management is a sore spot in many marriages. Often we come into marriage with different viewpoints on and styles of managing money.

Four questions
Whether you have little or much, the key issues are whether you can communicate about finances and whether you are pulling together for solutions or pushing apart. To see if you are on the same financial page as your partner, answer these four questions:

  1. Have you had a disagreement or felt tension concerning finances in the last month?
  2. Do differences in your backgrounds cause financial friction? Maybe one of you grew up in a family who watched every penny, and the other grew up thinking money grew on trees.
  3. Have you had adequate training and experience in managing money? The mate who said, “Honey, I can’t be overdrawn. I still have ten checks left!” needs to learn more about banking.
  4. What happens when money is really tight? Are you less patient with each other? When we are under financial pressure, we have to be especially committed to pulling together.

How about you? Perhaps a starting place is to sit down, look at your finances, and discuss these four questions. Remember, if you pull together, your finances won’t push your apart. Trust us, this can be a real “marriage saving” exercise.

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