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5 Beaches for honeymoon heaven

If surf and sandy shores sound like your idea of vacation, you might want to consider one of these beach destinations for your honeymoon. A first class flight to any of these beaches will send you straight to a paradise that brings out the best of your romantic intuitions.

Couple on honeymoon

5 beach escapes for the ultimate honeymoon

If you and your soon-to-be hubby are already stressed out by wedding plans, put it aside and start planning the honeymoon for awhile. Knowing that all your hard work will land you in one of these versions of paradise is sure to make picking out tablecloths a little easier.

1Matira Beach in Bora, Bora 

romantic honeymoon vacation spot, Bora, Bora

When you think of the ultimate romantic getaway, you probably picture a long dock that leads to a personal bungalow just barely skimming the ocean. Your roof is made of straw and your hotel hut makes you feel like you’ve just left reality behind. It’s very possible that you’ve been dreaming about a French Polynesian vacation on Matira beach in Bora, Bora. Many of the resorts in this Tahitian love-land put you in the perfect position to snorkle right off of your porch or venture back to the sandy beach to enjoy sinking your toes into the white sand. Nightlife on this island stays pretty mild with peaceful live music and initmate settings for Mr. and Mrs. Newlywed.

2Cambridge Beaches, Bermuda 

Cambridge Beaches Resort on a Bermuda beach

At Cambridge Beaches Resort, they encourage you to “rediscover each other” as they continue to attract couples young and old alike. Should you choose to book a cottage with Cambridge, you’ll be encouraged to explore the private beaches snuggled within the private pennisula we call Bermuda. You and your new spouse are sure to create many memorable moments as you stroll on one of their four beaches — Long Bay Beach, Morning Beach, Turtle Cove Beach and Pegem Beach. For nature lovers, Bermuda is also home to Spittal Pond Nature Reserve whose unique wildlife makes it a must-see for your honeymoon itinerary. All in all, this cottage colony is sure to deliver full force with romantic seclusion and send you home ready to take on married life.

3Mai Khao Beach, Thailand 

Honeymoon worthy beach in Thailand called Mai Khao beach

As one of the most quiet, untouched destinations in Phuket, Thailand, this honeymoon hotspot is quite tranquil and guaranteed to be void of the over-the-top nightlife that many couples aim to escape on their romantic, post ceremony excursions. This beach is staying true to its origin, priding itself on its lack of hot-shot resorts and tourist life. The idea behind this travel spot is to enjoy life in its most natural state. You won’t find any teens crowding this beach on summer vacations; its virgin state makes for a refreshing escape from the stresses of everyday life.

4Manda Island, Kenya 

Honeymoon hotspot: Manda Bay in Kenya

It doesn’t get much more exclusive than Manda Bay. The island houses 16 cottages, 14 kilometers of secluded beaches and a beautiful coastal bush that is home to Kenya wildlife. Beyond this, Manda Island remains unpopulated and awaits your bare feet. As if the picture perfect beaches weren’t enough, the resort has a stellar pool, an idyllic reading room, a watersports center and a personal air strip. But don’t worry, you don’t have to have your own plane to host your perfect honeymoon here. As far as activities go, take a safari, explore the cultual heritage of neighboring islands and sign up for scenic flights.

5Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands 

Virgin Gorda in the Brisit Virgin Islands as a great honeymoon destination

Gorda is the third largest oasis out of all the islands that make up the British Virgin Islands — and even then it is only eight and a half miles long. If you choose to honeymoon here, you’ll find yourself relaxing on the deserted beaches, embracing the slow pace of daily life, exploring the rock pools and venturing along secret paths and trails. You and your spouse are guaranteed to find plenty of alone time here. The one-of-a-kind beach bars and tasteful restaurants will assure that you leave the island satisfied and refreshed.

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