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Be his Geisha Girl

Sure, we know who really wears the pants in your family! But if you and your mate have gotten into a rut with your lovemaking, consider taking on a new persona. That of a geisha girl. Author Jess Bali tells how to do it.

Masters of seductive traits
Recently I was watching a movie that had these delicately exotic women in it. They were the height of mystery and elegance, and the men around them adored them. Trying to learn more about this style of enchantment, I began my search on what a geisha girl was made of.

An ancient art that has been rivaled by many, the geisha girl is one who allows men to feel as though they are royalty. They were taught within extremely strict guidelines how to make him feel as though he were the only one in the room. They learned to become masters of seductive traits. How to groom themselves with perfection, be attentive, smart, humorous and elegant. They took lessons in music, storytelling, playing games and most importantly, secrecy. They could allow the men who came to them the devotion of time, attention and respect that they deserved.

Incorporate this ancient practice into your life
Surprisingly enough, geishas, who are thought to be high-paid servants or even prostitutes, offered no services than what the person who has paid for their time asks for. Most often sex was not a factor. Men simply wanted to have the company of someone who would allow them to feel important and valuable.

So how can you incorporate the ancient practice of a geisha into your life? With some practice, patience and a little planning, even the most dull relationship can get a healthy boost from this. Here are some great ideas to get you started:

Become a geisha girl
First and foremost, you need to ensure that your attitude is good. Feel the power within yourself to be someone who can deliver sensuality to your partner. Begin by bathing in a hot bath lightly scented with jasmine or lavender. Dress in a short wrap or housecoat that is pretty and feminine. Your tattered terry cloth robe just won’t do for this. Next slip on some pretty sandals or slippers.

Take special attention to your makeup. Red lipstick is best. You want to accentuate the soft kissable heart that your mouth forms. If you have longer hair, pull it up off of your neck and tie it into a bun or another seductive style. As long as it is off your neck, that is the most important. Place a subtle and elegant perfume on a few select spots: nape of neck, between the breasts, behind your ears and on wrists. Now that you are ready, lets move on to the rest of it.

Create an inviting atmosphere
Find a spot in your home, most likely the living room where there is adequate floor space and softer lighting. Place candles around the room where you want hints of light, and play instrumental music softly in the background. Place two pillows on the floor on either side of a coffee table, or something of similar height. Serve him a meal that is light and full of flavor. You don’t want him falling asleep with a full stomach.

Once you are finished with your meal, sit down and enjoy an after dinner drink with him. Don’t be excessive, you just want something that will further the relaxation for both of you. Now, turn to him and become the person that you are aiming for.

Delight with fragrance and touch
Treat him to a massage. Use lotion that has a nice exotic scent like lavender, vanilla or cocoa butter. Remember, the most important thing to making him feel as though he is the one on top of the world is visual stimulation. Let him know that you are honored to be in his company. Look at him like only you would, with love, adoration and appreciativeness. Starting at his shoulders and neck, massage seductively down in a circular motion being careful to be gentle and light with your touch.

Let the passion ignite
Ask him if he would like to hear an erotic tale while you continue the massage. Within this erotic tale, play out your fantasies with your characters, and tell him what your deepest desires are. This is one of the key points that will lead to him to feeling like the master of his domain.

Once your story is finished you will probably both be in the mood for some sultry passion between the sheets. Kiss him gently and while holding his hand and glancing at him appreciatively, lead him to the bedroom. Let him know that you have one more thing to make his night complete.

With lighted candles placed around the bedroom to offer enough light for him to see you, slip out of the robe that you are wearing and let the passion ignite!

Love and adoration on a regular basis
With those tips there isn’t a way under heaven that he can’t feel completely adored and desired. To think of how easy it is makes me wonder why this can’t be something that isn’t adapted into our own lives on a regular basis. Just think back to the times when you walked hand in hand and thought of nothing but how the other felt. When you start putting the other person before yourself you can see results. You don’t need to be a trained professional to enchant that man of yours, just a few pointers.

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