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28 Cheap Date Ideas

So you’ve arranged a date with your dearest one, but what are you going to actually DO? If you’re tired of the dinner and a movie theme, here are some creative and inexpensive ideas for romantic fun. No more excuses!

Have a cheap date!

  1. Have a picnic. Go to the park if the weather is nice, or spread out on the living room floor in front of a blazing fire.
  2. Spend an afternoon ice skating or sledding, then warm up with a warm mug of hot chocolate.
  3. Take a hike!
  4. Spend a day at the beach. Even in the cool weather, walking along the shore and collecting sea shells can make for a good time.
  5. Take in a drive in movie (and feel free to steam up the windows).
  6. Go to the matinee showing of a movie. Who says night time is the only time for movies?
  7. Tour a museum. My husband and I fell in love at the art museum. Many offer free or discount admission on certain days.
  8. Visit the zoo or aquarium.
  9. Take a leisurely ride in the country and enjoy the view.
  10. Do some stargazing. Bring a blanket or sleeping bag and cuddle up, while you find the constellations and discover new stars.
  11. Cook dinner together. Then enjoy your meal by candlelight, dressed in your finest.
  12. Make it a movie night at home. Rent videos or watch the home movies. Be sure to have plenty of popcorn on hand!
  13. Enjoy an evening at the community theater. The tickets are very inexpensive, and the shows are quite entertaining.
  14. Cuddle up with your sweetie on a romantic hay or sleigh ride.
  15. Plan a progressive dinner with family or friends.
  16. Have dinner at home with the kids, then go out for dessert and coffee.
  17. Bring your quarters to the arcade and challenge your date to a skeeball tournament.
  18. Take in open mike or amateur hour at a local coffehouse or bar.
  19. Bring a bottle of sparkling cider, cheese and crackers to an outdoor concert.
  20. Take a craft class together at a local craft store.
  21. Re-live the preteen years at the roller rink. This time, though, you’ll have someone to skate with when it’s couples only.
  22. Many local hospitals offer classes. Why not take one together? Massage classes come to mind….
  23. Park the car at Make-Out Point and “just talk.”
  24. Take a gourmet cooking class together. Check your local community college adult education catalog for class offerings.
  25. Go shopping for someone’s birthday or for the holidays. Then have fun wrapping all the gifts together.
  26. One word: karoke! (Hey, it worked on Ally McBeal.)
  27. Be kids again. Go to the playground and take turns pushing each other on the swings.

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