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The New Service Delivering Women’s Health Products & Prescriptions to Your Door

Despite all of the progress we have made in America, health care is still lacking. In fact, according to the Gallup-Sharecare Well-Being Index, 12.2 percent of Americans were uninsured at the end of 2017 and millions more were underinsured. But one company is hoping to level the playing field: Hers, a new women’s care brand, is hoping to supports women’s health in an easy, affordable and effective way.

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Hers comes from the developers of Hims, a telemedicine start-up that promotes men’s health. And while Hims is known for their wide array of skin, hair and penile products, Hers will offer birth control, a medication to treat hypoactive sexual desire disorder and several prescription and over-the-counter acne and hair-loss products. But the best part? All these medications can be ordered from and sent directly to your home.

Woman putting cream on her face.

“Hers provides a level of care that’s unlike anything else on the market,” Hilary Coles, Hers brand lead, tells SheKnows. “We’ve built a judgment-free, efficient diagnosis process that respects women’s time and resources while giving access to the most reliable, high-quality products. Hers removes barriers typically associated with medical-grade care — in-person doctor appointments, long pharmacy lines, expensive co-pays — because we believe that women should be able to make worry-free, informed choices around their well-being.”

Hers will accomplish this by giving women access to a network of over 120 doctors and products that are up to 80 percent off traditional retail cost, building a more efficient and informed process.

Vitamins and shampoo.

There are numerous reasons people are turning to online sales and telemedicine companies for their health care needs, including that many live in areas where they cannot access quality health care or cannot afford it. And women in particular often struggle to get an accurate diagnosis, as they often face skepticism and judgment when they approach medical professionals.

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As such, Hers has the potential to be a real game-changer for women across the country.

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