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Shannen Doherty Shares Great News About Her Breast Cancer

Shannen Doherty may be best known for her roles in Charmed and Beverly Hills 90210, but the actor, producer and director has become synonymous with something else in recent years: cancer — specifically breast cancer. Doherty was first diagnosed with the disease in February 2015. And while it has been a long, hard battle, Doherty recently revealed that her cancer is in remission.

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In fact, in the interview with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America, Doherty said things were going “really well.”

Doherty first shared news that her cancer was in remission in April 2017, and while she has remained optimistic since that time, she told Roberts the word evoked a slew of different emotions:

“You hear the word remission, and there’s a rush of different emotions, right? It’s like, ‘What’s next?’ There’s a little bit of fear and apprehension. I felt lost for a second. I was like, ‘Now what?’ My whole life has been about this battle — what felt like my whole life.”

She continued, “But then it sort of starts seeping in, and then you get joyous, and you get so excited, but you got to wait for that five-year mark, and then the 10-year mark, so remission is a crazy word to me.”
Doherty believes it was her family who carried her through: “My husband was phenomenal. He took off a ton of work, really took fantastic care of me,” Doherty told Roberts. “[And] my mom just was always there. They would tag-team.”

But she was deeply touched by strangers, strangers who were also touched by cancer: “I know sharing helped me because when I got back these beautiful stories from other people, what they were going through, what they had been through, giving me hope, giving me support and love… it’s truly a family.”

And while Doherty wouldn’t wish cancer on anyone, she also believes her battle and diagnosis changed her life for the better: cancer “made me a better actor… [it also] made me a better human being.”

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We wish Doherty continued health and success — and nothing but the best.

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