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Ever Wonder Who Gets to Test Sex Toys? Now, It Could Be You

Before most new products are put out into the world, they’re rigorously tested, including by potential consumers who provide feedback for the manufacturers. This can range from tasting new ice cream flavors to shoe insoles to features in a car. But what about products that are more… personal? Yes, we’re talking about sex toys. And yes, there’s a way for you to earn the coveted role of sex toy tester.

This opportunity comes courtesy of Dame Products — a company founded by two women and committed to making well-engineered sex toys to help close the pleasure gap. Earlier this week, they launched Dame Labs, a research arm of the company that focuses on getting feedback from everyday people (like us!) for its products and making it available to the public. 

According to a release from Dame Products emailed to SheKnows, Dame Labs will be a brand extension in the same vein as similar programs at OkCupid and Casper, which will allow anyone to be a part of the company’s product development process, but this time, for sex toys.

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“We’ve always done a ton of research when it comes to our products, but by making Dame Labs more public-facing, we’re going to be able to get a wider diversity of respondents — which will of course help us create even better products in the coming years,” Dame Products CEO Alex Fine tells SheKnows.

Signing up is easy. First, visit the Dame Labs website and take a survey. Based on your responses, the company will send respondents who meet their current research criteria follow-up surveys, which will gage their interest and engagement. Then, when a product is in development, the participants may be selected for prototype testing and reviews.

Dame Labs participants will give the company feedback on everything from the colors of the products to button placement to vibration speeds, in addition to being tapped to help come up with ideas for new products.

And why is this important? I mean, aside from the possibility of getting to try out cutting-edge sex toys, the fact that we’re getting to the point of being more open about pleasure is definitely a step in the right direction. 

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“I’m really looking forward to creating spaces that allow for people to share intimate narratives and really having more honest conversations with more humans,” Fine explains. “The topic has been taboo for so long, so creating welcoming, safe and trusting places to foster discussion is essential and exciting.”

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