The Scary Reason Pink Was Hospitalized & Canceled a Show in Australia

Aug 6, 2018 at 5:01 p.m. ET
Pink on stage reaching out to fans
Image: Quinn Rooney/Getty Images.

Pink has been hospitalized in Australia for a gastric virus, Live Nation tweeted today. She was initially brought in for dehydration on Sunday, then treated and discharged, but was readmitted to the hospital and diagnosed with a gastric virus the following day. 

Pink canceled an additional sold-out concert she was set to perform in Sydney tonight, E! News reported.

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Unfortunately, this isn't Pink's first bout of illness during her trip Down Under. Last week, she postponed her first show in Sydney because an upper respiratory infection.


After falling ill last week, Pink decided to visit an Australian beach with her daughter, Willow, and quickly faced backlash from tabloids for canceling her show to "chill" on the beach.


True to form, Pink set the record straight, writing on Instagram: “I don’t need to clear this up, but out of respect for my fans I will attempt it,” she wrote. “I scheduled this tour meticulously, trying to do what was best for my children, while also putting on the best and most physically demanding and beautiful show of my life. This break in Byron has been scheduled since 2017, as a way to get outside the hotel and the winter and have some time with my children. I’ve already been sick twice (kids as well) on this Australian tour, but the first time we got sick, I was able to push through.”

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So, thanks to the the upper respiratory infection, the gastric virus and all the flak she received from taking a day off to relax and recuperate, Pink's had a hell of a trip. We hope she feels better soon.