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The Best Anal Sex Toys for Every Occasion (& Experience Level)

Ah butts, the great equalizer. Everyone’s got ‘em and the ability to feel immense tushy pleasure. Whether you’re a booty beginner or you’ve been around the booty block, we’ve got the toys to make your anal exploration a thrilling adventure.

Before we get started, let us not forget the two cardinal rules of anal toys. First, your toy must always have a base bigger than the rest of the toy. This is to protect you from getting toys stuck inside you as well as adding extra control for movement during play.

Second is the importance of lube. The anus does not create its own lubrication, so outside lube is key. For silicone toys, be sure to use water-based lube, such as, Sliquid H2O and KY Liquid, because silicone lube will bond with your silicone toys and make your pretty toys sticky and uncomfortable. However, if you’re using a metal or glass toy, definitely go with a silicone lube like Überlube — it will last forever and can be used in the shower! Now that you’re lubed up, strap in (pun intended) and let’s get anal.

For first-timers:

Bendy Beads from Good Vibrations:

Start your anal journey off with anal beads. They’re great for finding your perfect fit, and these beads are especially bendy for maximal leverage and control.

Bendy Beads, $35 at Good Vibrations

Fifty Shades of Grey anal beads:

For an even skinnier beginning, start with these Fifty Shades-inspired beads. They’re skinny enough for even the smallest of anal openings and have a great loop for fingers or other toys.

Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Intensified Silicone Anal Beads, $14.99 at Lovehoney

Tantus Little Flirt small plug:

Once you’re ready to graduate to plugs, add this little number to an average play session (with or without a partner) for added spice. Even better, this plug is discrete enough to wear out of the house for an extra sexy date night.

Little Flirt, $37.64 at Tantus

For anal enthusiasts:

Njoy butt plug:

This perfectly weighted stainless-steel toy is the ultimate plug. It comes in three different sizes and is water-resistant. This plug offers a sexy weighted fullness that can’t be found in traditional silicone toys. For some extra fun, throw this plug in the freezer for 10 minutes before playing for some bonus chilly sexiness.

Njoy Pure Plug, $48.24 at Amazon

We-Vibe Ditto:

This rechargeable, waterproof vibrating plug has 10 vibration modes to keep you surprised all night long. Better yet, it can be completely controlled by an app for partner play from any distance.

Ditto, $129 at We-Vibe

Earth Quaker anal vibrator:

If you want to one up your anal bead experience, check out this anal vibrator with the same gradual stretching that anal beads offer, but with 12-speeds of vibration for extra stimulation.

Earth Quaker Anal Vibe, $59.95 at Adam & Eve

For seasoned professionals:

B-vibe Rimming 2:

The world’s first rimming plug, this baby both vibrates at the tip and mimics the sensation of a tongue in the neck of the toy. It has a remote control for dominant/submissive play, and because it simulates a tongue and finger combo, it leaves your hands and mouth free for other activities (double oral anyone?).

Rimming Plug 2, $150 at B-vibe

Silicone Love Rider dual penetrator:

If there is a penis and a vagina in your play equation, this is a fun toy for dual penetration. Made to be harnessed around the base of the penis, this toy can be inserted in the anus or vagina. With a bit of finagling, this toy could also be attached to a strap-on for double penetration with no penis present.

Silicone Love Rider dual penetrator, $24.95 at Adam & Eve

Lelo Bruno:

Once you feel comfortable with anal play and insertion, this prostate-tingling toy is perfect for any penis owner. This vibrator has two motors for both prostate and external perineum stimulation. This toy is easy to use solo for masturbation, and its waterproof capabilities make it a great bath time buddy. Plus, its shape is designed to stay, so you can wear it around all day long.

Lelo Bruno, $169 at Babeland

Anal toys are an amazing way to change things up in the bedroom, explore your body fully and engage in pleasure that can’t get you pregnant. It’s great for all bodies, but be sure to ease into this new level of play, embrace lube and use condoms on your toys if you plan to use them with more than one person. Have fun, be safe and get your great equalizer going.

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