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You Will Not Believe These Unusual Places People Admit to Having Sex

Sex isn’t some one-size-fits-all activity. It can include a number of acts with a variety of different people (including yourself) in a wide range of places. While a lot of people opt to have sex in a bed (a tried-and-true classic), others have gotten pretty creative.

Exactly how creative, you ask? Think: the top of the Eiffel Tower, a phone book at EPCOT and in a dentist’s chair. We know this because a new survey conducted by Eden Fantasys asked 2,000 Americans to name their riskiest sexual location — and boy, did they deliver.

A very appropriate 69 percent of those surveyed said they have had sex in a place where they were at risk of getting caught — and almost 23 percent said they were caught in the act.

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Other than a bed, the most common places people reported having sex were a car (68 percent), the kitchen (48 percent) and a movie theater (9 percent).

And while, as Americans, we may not be the best at getting exercise outdoors, 76 percent of people surveyed said they’ve had sex outside. (That has to count for something, right?) The most popular outdoor sex locations include the backyard (62 percent), the beach (46 percent), a hiking trail (31 percent) and a highway rest stop (27 percent).

There might be something to these creative sex settings: 58 percent of participants said having sex somewhere other than a bed made them happier in their relationship, and 70 percent said that having sex in an adventurous location made them feel closer to their partner.

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And if you’re curious (we know you are), here are 25 of some of the oddest places Americans have admitted to having sex:

  1. Phone booth at EPCOT
  2. Fast-food drive-thru
  3. Behind a convenience store during the day
  4. Their boss’s new desk
  5. Burger King bathroom (we’re guessing that respondent was a member of Digital Underground)
  6. Dentist’s chair
  7. While driving 70 mph down I-95
  8. Empire State Building
  9. Historic Native American reservation
  10. On a train track
  11. A barn surrounded by animals
  12. Under the stage during a concert
  13. Courthouse bathroom before appearing in front of a judge
  14. In the car during an automatic car wash
  15. Port-o-potty
  16. Inside a haunted-house attraction
  17. New York City subway
  18. Old castle ruins
  19. Parking lot of a stadium before a basketball game
  20. The dean’s office at their university
  21. Top of the Eiffel Tower
  22. A moving roller coaster
  23. Foyer of office building
  24. The Wonder Wheel in Coney Island
  25. On the right field line during a baseball game

If having sex in an unusual location sounds like a good idea or something you’d like to try, make sure it’s something all parties involved are into. Have fun, and don’t get caught! (Unless that’s the point, in which case, enjoy!)

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