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What Every Woman Needs to Pack for Spring Break

You’ve already scoped out the most Instagrammable-hot spots at your spring break destination, booked the hard-to-get dinner reservations and started zoning out at work — but there might be a must-do on your pre-vacation checklist you’re missing.

Especially if you’re fleeing the below-zero temps in search of something warm and beachy or spending a luxurious amount of time in water, your health down there needs to take a front seat. From period products to, ahem, vibrators that’ll keep you satisfied — no matter where you are — consider this your vagina’s wish list for your upcoming getaway.

Period products

Unfortunately, you can’t give your period an out-of-office. You can, however, make sure you’re prepared by packing plenty of your period product, which will allow you to sightsee, zip-line, hike or surf without worry. After all, if you’re checking off yet another country from your passport bucket list, you need to know you can go, go, go without any WTF stains. So don’t forget those tampons, pads, discs or cups.

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Adhesive bandages

Did you really think you could wear your brand-new sandals and walk around an ancient city all day without getting blisters? Even if you just throw them on for dinner, your poor feet will probably be ready for a dip in the pool or ocean as soon as it’s over. Protect your feet from further damage (and cover up any open wounds) with some sort of adhesive bandage. Just throw a few in your bag regardless of your footwear plans — they’re always handy to have around.


Yes, this one’s obvious, but it’s also very important. If you’re flying with only a carry-on, either buy some when you arrive at your destination or bring a travel-size version with you. But don’t skip the SPF!

Insect spray

Zika may not be in the news as much this year, but that doesn’t mean it has gone away. And even if it’s not as much of a problem as it was two years ago, no one wants their trip ruined by a bunch of mosquito bites. They’re ugly and uncomfortable, so your best bet is to give yourself a good spray before heading outside. And before you use the bad smell as an excuse, know that there are newer versions with somewhat pleasant aromas that don’t make you smell like you came straight from a Girl Scout camping trip.

Anti-itch cream

No matter how diligent you are with the insect spray, there’s a chance one of those little buggers will get you anyway. After months of planning, the last thing you want to do as you’re exploring a new city or sitting on the beach is scratch an itchy insect bite. So throw a tube of anti-itch cream in your bag and spend your time exploring, not scratching.

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Whether you’re newly single, forever single or just want a little extra somethin’-somethin’ in between the sheets with your No. 1, packing a bulky vibrator for a short jaunt might feel like overkill. Instead, you need something small, discrete and portable that won’t set off the attention of the TSA.

Plan B

Hey, he was cute. You were feeling flirty. The night was young — and so are you. There’s no shame in a temporary romance that leads to a morning-after coffee, just make sure you have another morning-after must-have just in case. For when condoms break or you neglect to use them, over-the-counter emergency contraception is never a bad idea to have for those oops moments. Make sure to take it as close to the act as possible, as recommended by gynecologists. And keep in mind that Plan B may not be available over-the-counter all over the world, so your best bet is shopping ahead and bring it with you.


Whether you’re on birth control pills or a long-term contraceptive like an IUD, if there’s a chance you may be having sex with a new person (which, let’s face it, can happen during spring break), you’re going to want to pack some condoms too.

Now that you’re all packed, make sure you get to the airport on time. Above all, be safe and healthy and enjoy your trip!

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