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Chrissy Teigen Reveals Why They Created Extra IVF Embryos When Conceiving Miles

With their second child on the way, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are already making plans to expand their family in the future. The celeb couple conceived their 22-month-old daughter, Luna, through in vitro fertilization and confirmed last month that their second baby (a boy!) was also conceived the same way.

Teigen has been open about her and her husband’s struggle to conceive in the past; IVF has already helped them conceive two babies so far, and they are choosing to use this process again so they can have the best chance at conceiving when they are ready to have another. When Teigen did this past IVF procedure, she chose to harvest more embryos to hopefully use for future pregnancies, People reports.

“You do the whole process again to try to get as many embryos and eggs as possible,” she tells People. “Everyone is freezing everything and then you make the embryos out of what you freeze and try to make viable, perfect embryos.”

Teigen says she doesn’t want to do this process ever again, so that’s why she is choosing to gather as many embryos as possible now. “So it’d be nice to get a great batch of beautiful, perfect embryos and keep trying so we did it again,” she tells the magazine.

Most people who have been through IVF before would probably agree with Teigen — the pain of birthing a child is already a lot, and having to go through multiple rounds of IVF just adds to it. The best way to conceive through IVF is to limit the number of times you have to do it.

We are so excited for Teigen and Legend and can’t wait to meet their baby boy and possibly more bundles of joy in the future!

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