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Why Pornhub Is Offering Free Premium Membership to People on Their Periods

When it comes to masturbation, we’re not shy about talking about the numerous health benefits — especially when it comes to its effect on menstrual pain. As it turns out, Pornhub had the same idea: The site — which describes itself as “the leading free, ad-supported adult video streaming website” — is now offering free premium memberships to people while they have their periods.

The Fuck Your Period campaign features a dedicated landing page with facts and tips to get you through the week as well as a video explaining how the offer works. Menstruating users are prompted to answer a few questions pertaining to their cycle in order to calculate the arrival and duration of their next period. When that day arrives, they will receive an email from the site granting them full access to premium membership for the duration of their period. This cycle will then repeat for the user over the next three months.

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The idea is that by providing adult entertainment materials to people with their periods, it will encourage them to practice self-care and experience the pain relief associated with orgasms. Not only that, but as the video mentions, while some people love the idea of period sex (or are indifferent about it for that matter), others would prefer to skip sexy time with a partner during their cycle. By taking matters into their own hands, menstruators are able to experience an orgasm regardless of whether another person is involved.

“This is our first campaign targeted solely to women and it takes on a topic that we think a lot of brands tiptoe around,” Pornhub brand manager Alexandra Klein said in a statement sent to SheKnows via email. “But it’s a topic that women themselves are completely comfortable discussing and even joking about. Pornhub is all about breaking taboos and starting conversations, and we think this one was way overdue.”

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With more than 80 million visitors each day, Pornhub has the ability to reach a lot of menstruators — and their partners. In fact, in addition to the service of encouraging people with periods to explore the benefits of masturbation as a form of pain and stress relief, it also has the ability to expose an entirely new audience to the idea of destigmatizing and normalizing periods.

This isn’t the first time Pornhub has ventured into the sexual health and education arena. Last year they introduced a free online sexual resource center with original editorial content and advice on sexuality, sexual health and relationships. Let’s hope this is part of a new trend depicting people with vaginas as sexual beings deserving of pleasure — even when we have our periods.

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