What Is Bush Oil, & Why Would You Want to Use It?

If you’re like me, you may be the kind of person who loves their bush and prefers minimal landscaping. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t groom ourselves. You may have heard of beard oil, an oil designed to leave beards silky smooth and shiny. Well, for those of us who want to have the same benefits applied to our hair down there, bush oil is here, and it’s ready to make you feel sexy.

Pubic hair is often dry, coarse and wiry leaving little to feel sexy about. These characteristics are a major reason people choose to groom and style their bushes.

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One study exploring the frequency and reasons for body hair removal in a sample of 235 Australian undergraduate women showed that while 60 percent of participants partially removed their pubic hair, 48 percent removed most or all of it. The reasons behind pubic hair removal were attributed to sexual attractiveness and enhancement based on exposure to media or the opinion of a partner.

Anna Luciano, a Toronto-based aesthetician and owner of Lashes & Lipstick, says that people who choose to groom their bushes do so “because it helps them feel more confident and clean,” adding that the style of hair removal or lack thereof comes down to personal preference.

For people who opt for the partial removal of their pubic hair, she says that bush oil is “a great idea for those who like to leave a landing strip or patch as it will keep the hair left behind soft.”

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Adding bush oil to your hair trimming routine may come with some added health benefits, including a decrease in the risk of STIs, dust and bacterial prevention, minimized risk of contracting a viral infection, fewer ingrown hairs and itchy bumps, regulated vaginal temperature and finally, strengthened pheromones. So if you’re a fan of a lustrous patch of hair in your nether regions, you may want to give bush oil a chance to help you shine.

By Deidre Olsen


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