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Ashley Graham Hits Back at Instagram Trolls Who Shame Her Workout Videos

Ashley Graham doesn’t work out for anyone but herself. The model made that abundantly clear on Sunday when she hit back at Instagram trolls who posted nasty comments on a video of her working out.

Yesterday, Graham shared an intense video of her toning her butt at the gym with her personal trainer, Christine Grubbs. And though Graham clearly had a handle on her tough workout, some users couldn’t help but chime in with unsolicited input on her body and workout regimen.

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The comments ranged from remarks about how Graham will “never be skinny” so she should “stop trying,” to accusations that she’s trying to distance herself from her curvy model career by slimming down. (Um, seriously?) A few of the remarks included:

“Don’t workout [sic] too hard, you’ll get skinny.”

“You still need your fat to be a model.”

“Why would you want to loose [sic] what made you a model.”

Like the body-positive goddess she is, Graham didn’t take the comments lying down. Instead, she posted another Instagram of her quoting the body-shaming remarks and explaining why she doesn’t work out to lose weight. Graham explained that for her, exercising is more about staying healthy, fighting jet lag, and showing “big girls” that they “can move like the rest of em”—rather than working out with a goal to slim down.

Along with listing a few of the many reasons exercise is important other than to lose weight, Graham also confirmed that she’s not planning to lose her curves anytime soon. “I don’t workout to lose weight or my curves, bc I love the skin I’m in,” she wrote.

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Whether you’re going to the gym to tone up, boost your mood or just enjoy grooving to your favorite playlist on the elliptical, everyone’s reason for working out is different, and that’s just fine. Based on Graham’s statement, it seems like she’s cool with anyone’s choice. What she’s not cool with are body-shaming trolls — and we second that.

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