Your Romantic Date Guide for Autumn

It is my immutable opinion that fall is by far the most romantic season of the year. The chill in the air — a welcome respite from the sticky heat of summer — breeds coziness, whether it’s huddling up in the corner booth of a café over a hot cuppa (ahem, PSL) or nestling up for a night by the fire.

In other words, fall is the dream season when it comes to dating. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or you’ve been hitched for half a century… there’s an autumn date that’s sure to woo you. Here are nine ideas to help you rustle up some romance.

1. Find a fair

This is a win-win-win. Braving the rides gives you a chance to hold on tight. Playing games gives them a chance to show off, and picking the perfect fair food gives you something to bond over (funnel cakes FTW!). Plus, everyone knows the Ferris wheel makes for a fantastic first kiss.

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2. Go pick something

Whether you make your way to an apple orchard or a pumpkin patch, you’ll find that there’s something inherently special about choosing what you want together. If you visit an orchard, you can keep the unity going strong by baking an apple pie together with your pickings. Or if you come home with a pumpkin, few things are more fun than carving up his and hers (or hers and hers or his and his) jack-o’-lanterns.

3. Plan a camping trip

Even if you aren’t the type who is naturally inclined to go camping, consider how much quality time with your significant other it would result in. Tent for two? Yes, please! Camping also provides stunning views for stargazing and a great jumping-off point for a hike to enjoy the fall foliage.

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4. Book a wine tasting

When you think of romantic scenes in movies, wine is in nearly all of them, right? But instead of simply sipping a Bordeaux over dinner, book an actual wine tasting at a vineyard. This date lends itself well to future celebrations too — uncork a bottle of “your” wine every anniversary.

5. Take a hayride

Yes, hayrides are fun when you’re a kid. But they’re infinitely more fun if you’re cozied up to your sweetheart. The smell of fresh hay, the hum of a tractor, the clopping of hooves and the cacophony of nocturnal creatures serenading you in the inky night… yep, magical.

6. Have a photo shoot

We’ve all seen (and pinned) those adorable fall photo shoot ideas on Pinterest. So break out the burlap banners and other cute fall photo props and take your own. Bonus? If you’d planned to send out Christmas cards, you’ll already have the perfect picture to send season’s greetings with.

7. Attend a football game

Admittedly, I’m partial to this one because one of the first dates I took my husband on was to a local football game. Cozyin’ up next to each other in the bleachers and chanting the home team’s fight song gets your adrenaline pumping, triggering a flood of feel-good dopamine in your body. In other words, this is the kind of fall date that makes you feel the warm fuzzies.

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8. Reserve a ghost tour

Admittedly, this doesn’t exactly sound like the most romantic thing to do together. However, spending the evening strolling spooky halls means you’ll be arm in arm for the most part. And again, the body’s natural response to being scared is to release endorphins, which make you feel happier in general and more attracted to your partner too.

9. #NetflixAndChill

It may be cliché, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t classic — curling up in front of the fire or snuggling on a sofa for a fall movie marathon is the equivalent of autumnal nirvana. They may call it Netflix and “chill,” but this date is practically guaranteed to heat things up.

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