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7 Women Get Real About the Hilarious Parts of Everyday Life With ADHD

The reality of living with ADHD as an adult isn’t always fun. In fact, it can be downright difficult on a daily basis. But, hey, sometimes you’ve got to laugh to keep from crying. And for women with ADHD, that means taking life with a grain of salt and realizing that sometimes, having ADHD produces some hilarious side effects.

Even just putting this feature together was a testament to the incredible sense of humor so many women with ADHD possess. When asked to contribute a quote, they’d quickly agree — only to fall off the radar for a few days. When they finally did respond, they’d say, “Oops, got distracted. ADHD!”

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So if you have ADHD and need a little help finding the lighter, brighter side of things, take a look at what other real women have to say about the unintentionally comical sides of dealing with the diagnosis.

Why did I drive this way?

“Living with ADHD means being so spaced out that you drive right past your work or, even worse, your house. Or you get on the interstate to go to work, and then realize that you have no idea why you’re on the interstate because you can’t get to work that way. Sometimes, all you can do is laugh at yourself.” — Kelli F.

Ooh, this is my jam!

“I’m basically a squirrel. When I’m telling a story, I go 10 different directions because my mind is kind of like a bunch of different windows open on a computer. I’m flipping from one screen to the next, but then I hate notifications on my phone, so my constant need to look at them and make them go away, that sidetracks me a lot. And, gosh, if music’s on, ‘everything’ is my jam, as my husband says. That gets me off task a lot too — don’t play Big Tymers ever, ha-ha!” — Karly C.

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You found your phone where?

“Oh, man. I have not been able to find my phone several times in my life, but the funniest has to be all of the times I found it in the fridge. Notice I said times.” — Shaquana G.

Welp, there go the doughnuts

“The funniest moment in my life courtesy of ADHD probably has to have been the time my friend/co-worker/carpool pal, Ami, and I went through the Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru on the way to work. We thought we were doing something really nice by getting everyone in the office breakfast, right? Only, when we were getting back in the car, Ami put our two coffees on top of the car to move her purse out of her seat. When we realized the coffee was missing, I pulled over to check the roof. Well, I had the donuts in my lap, so when I got up I sat them on the roof. Seriously, I didn’t even think twice about it… it just sort of happened. You can see where this is going! We lost the coffee and donuts that day, had to go back to Dunkin’ Donuts and ended up being late to work!” — Marci D.

What did I do with my apple?

“I literally just sat down at my computer after getting up to go to the garage to get something, got distracted by the vacuum I walked past, vacuumed the house really quickly, took out a snack to eat (which is currently sitting out on the counter because I forgot it until just now) and completely forgot to get what I needed from the garage before coming back to my computer. This is pretty much how my entire life goes!” — Katie P.

Oops! Sorry, kiddo

“There was literally a time when I almost forgot to drop my daughter off at day care because I was spaced out and thinking about something else. Thank God, she was 4 and said, ‘Mommy, you missed the turn for my school!’ And then there is that feeling when you pull into the garage, look around and wonder how the heck you got there.” — Shelley M.

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What are you staring at?

“I work in a large office with open-style cubicles. Like, everywhere. It’s a nightmare for someone like me with ADHD, because I tend to get caught up in every little thing going on around me. The plus side is I see some pretty interesting stuff. The downside is that pretty much every day I space out right in the middle of staring at someone, don’t realize they are staring at me staring at them and wind up coming off like a total creeper, ha-ha!” — Susan L.

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