Rihanna Slams Instagram Body-Shamers With Perfect Comment

Oh, look. Another famous woman is being criticized for her body and eating habits by some faceless online troll. But like Kelly Clarkson and so many before her, Rihanna is not having it.

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It all started when someone posted an Instagram video of the 29-year-old singer shopping in the snack aisle of a grocery store (honestly, one of RiRi’s most relatable moments ever). That’s when the comments started pouring in about the number and quality of Rihanna’s snacks, followed by a call not to judge her.

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The fan who posted the video did in fact have Rihanna’s back, telling people who have compared her body to Rob Kardashian’s to mind their own business. But that didn’t stop Ms. RiRi herself from weighing in, commenting “Somebody called me too fat?” followed by three of the crying-while-laughing emojis.

Rihanna body shamers
Image: Instagram

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My thoughts exactly, Rihanna. Healthy, beautiful bodies come in all shapes and sizes.


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