Maria Menounos Said She Wishes God Gave Her Cancer Instead of Her Mother

It’s no secret that Maria Menounos is close with her mother, Litsa, and took stage-IV brain cancer personally. In fact, Menounos went so far as to try to bargain with God, she told Megyn Kelly in an interview with her last night.

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“I just remember praying and just saying, ‘God, I wish you gave this to me because I have the fight and I have the will to beat this stuff. She doesn’t.’ And, uh, be careful what you wish for,” Menounos said in an interview on Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly, which aired on Sunday, July 23.

Menounos’ mother went on to have surgery to treat her cancer, and Menounos started to experience a lot of the same symptoms her mother had around her diagnosis, including headaches, dizziness and having difficulty reading teleprompters.

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After a trip to her doctor, Menounos found out that she had a brain tumor called meningioma, but didn’t tell her mother about her diagnosis until three days before her own surgery.

Now, Menounos knows her brain tumor is not cancerous and has been steadily recovering since her surgery. Moving forward, she is focusing on her mother’s recovery.

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“I just hope that we can make her one of the long-term survivors because I’m worried about her,” Menounos told Kelly. “Nobody ever wants to lose their mom. I pray this next MRI is good so that we can all just take a breath, and I have some time to not worry.”


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