4 Erogenous Zones That Aren’t the G-spot

I get it. We have a lot of stuff going on down there. It’s complicated. It’s scary. It’s sex. Fragments of what to do and how we do it may be something that we try to understand, but in the moment, all is lost. Fingers are jumbled, erogenous zones aren’t found and orgasms are abandoned.

Well, I’m here to tell you that there are four additional erogenous zones other than the G-spot. Just when you thought you had the equation — the orgasm formula — all figured out, we are introducing to you the PS-spot, the O-spot, the K-spot and the U-spot.

Claire Cavanah, co-founder of Babeland, says, ”There is a seemingly endless supply of new erogenous zones in and on the female body. I think stemming from the lack of popular understanding of how female sexuality and sexual pleasure works.”

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Around 75 percent of people with a vagina never reach an orgasm from intercourse alone, while, 10 to 15 percent have not reached an orgasm at all. For those people who struggle, exploring alternative erogenous zones can possibly result in what they are looking for.

Think of them as options. For those of us with vaginas, take this new information, process it, and remember that there is no reason we shouldn’t be coming after each conquest.

HelloFlo has touched on the A-Spot in the past — a zone that can result in multiple orgasms and is best found in the cowgirl or missionary position — but here’s our take on what else you can feel around for.

The P-spot

The posterior fornix is located near the cervix on the posterior wall. If you’re having trouble envisioning or finding the P-spot, it’s located just opposite of the G-spot. If you utilize a curved sex toy, alternate it in an opposite, downward position. If you are considering accessing this area during intercourse, try a position where the phallus is directly in contact with your back lower wall.

Doggy-style probably works best or anal sex, where you’re pushing toward the front of your body. This area could also be linked to female ejaculation, but that in itself is still up for debate.

The U-spot

This zone is very sensitive tissue located above the urethra and between the clitoris and the urethra, which is where we urinate from. This area is typically called the female prostate and can be stimulated by gently stroking or tapping. Since this area is very sensitive, as with majority of the vagina and vulva, don’t apply too much pressure.

By moving your fingers horizontally and vertically, stimulate the U-spot with extra saliva or lube. Mimic the same motion that you employed with your fingers when using a toy or phallus. Combining clitoral stimulation with the U-spot can result in an orgasm.

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The O-spot

This area is further in the vagina and behind the cervix, also known as the “deep spot.” To stimulate this spot, one partner should lie on their back while the other gets on top and reclines backward. The reclining portion of the position enables the tightness of muscles and allows for proper thrusting and deepness.

The O-spot can also be found when using the longest fingers in a come here motion farther and deep into the vagina.

The K-spot

This is the area above the anus, where the top of your cheeks separate. The K-spot can be massaged with deep pressure and create a relaxing and euphoric sensation when stimulated. Use a middle finger to simply press down on the area above the anus.

What’s great about this zone is that it can be accessed outside the body in addition to penetration. It can be rubbed, tickled, stroked and massaged for pleasure. Pressure on this area can create intense arousal, whether that’s with a finger, toy or penis is up to you.

Long penises are not necessary to access these areas of the vagina, either. An average vagina’s length is less than 3 inches, and sizes vary from vagina to vagina. Remember to experiment with different positions in order to understand what works for your body and what doesn’t. Solely relying on penetration does not typically lead to an orgasm for people with a vagina — a little extra work is required for a successful climax.

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Additionally, there are orgasms that you can have other than stimulating these four zones. Nipple, throat, urinary and anal orgasms are all possible when touched, licked and stimulated.

Don’t consider this a daunting discovery. Instead, have fun experimenting with consensual and fun sex next time you’re under the sheets.

By S. Nicole Lane


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