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Kelly Clarkson Has No Time for Twitter Body-Shamers

When are internet trolls going to learn that the people they body-shame also have access to social media? The latest showdown happened yesterday after Kelly Clarkson sent a message of gratitude to those in the armed forces.

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Apparently, this was too much for a very skilled online wordsmith named Cliff Cherokee, who responded by telling Clarkson that she’s fat. That’ll show her.
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But it didn’t. The Grammy award-winning singer was miraculously able to overcome this attack on her appearance, tweeting back that she’s “still fucking awesome.”

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As you can see, there is a very clear connection between Clarkson’s Fourth of July message and her weight, and it took someone as astute as Cherokee to point this out.

Unfortunately, Clarkson is no stranger to being on the receiving end of body-shaming because we live in a world where everyone thinks they’re entitled to comment on women’s bodies. So how about we just keep our thoughts on other people’s appearances to ourselves, because frankly, I’m getting really sick of writing these body-shaming articles.

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