The Emoji We’ve All Been Waiting for Could Be Making Its Debut Soon

One key to reducing stigma surrounding a woman’s period is to talk about it more. Incorporating menstruation into everyday conversation normalizes it and treats it like the healthy biological function that it is. And now, that conversation is about to get a few new tools thanks to a series of period-inspired emojis.

Plan International, a nonprofit, is leading the charge on behalf of us all. The organization has created a series of emojis that it’s asking its Facebook fans to vote on.

According to their now-viral Facebook post, Plan International Australia will be presenting the winning emoji to Unicode Consortium, the decision-makers behind what becomes an emoji and what doesn’t, for consideration in their 2018 update.

The organization asks that Facebook fans vote for one of five of the designs, ranging from a pad with blood to a calendar with sad blood drops.

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In addition to helping people convey feelings about that time of the month, Plan International also hopes that it will help destigmatize menstruation.

“To challenge the stigma associated with menstruation that affects girls and women around the globe, we’re inviting you to vote on a design for a period emoji,” explained Plan International on their Facebook post.

You can chime in on your favorite emoji version until the beginning of June. After that, send some crossed-finger emojis in hopes that Unicode Consortium makes our period-emoji dreams come true.

By Vivian Nunez

Originally published on HelloFlo.