5 Ways to Have Sex While on Your Period

So you have your period. You’re aching away, probably singing along to something bluesy and sad, cramps at full blast, and then all of a sudden you’re incredibly horny.

First and foremost, this is completely normal. In fact, orgasms can help calm the pain of period cramps. “But it’s so messy!” you say. Fear not! We’ve got some tips and tricks ready to go for getting it on while you’re getting your period.

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1. Dismantle the patriarchy & dispel the idea that sex is only penis-inside-vagina

Most vagina owners orgasm from clitoral stimulation and not penetration. So during you period, clit action is your savior. Before fooling around, take a quick trip to the bathroom, insert a tampon and do a quick wipe around with a damp toilet paper. Your period blood (endometrium lining) leaves your body in waves, so you should be good to go for a while! Remember to be gentle. Bodies are generally more sensitive during period o’clock, so take it slow.

2. Shower sex

If you’re craving cunnilingus or penetration, fooling around in the shower is a great way to make sure you don’t destroy your sheets. This is especially great if you’re looking to have penis-vagina penetrative sex as it is easy to quickly clean up any messes. Want to get extra fancy? Get yourself a shower sex handle for easy balance.

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3. Use a menstrual cup

Menstrual cups allow for penetrative, mess-free sex of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re using a finger or a penis or a toy, most cups will stay secure if you put them in right. The Lunette menstrual cup is a great choice for period sex. It’s nice and flexible while still keeping it all in there with some solid suction, not to mention they come in a whole lot of colors to make your period a little less sucky.

4. Take this time to try something new

Explore playing with your or your partner’s butt (especially if one of you has a prostate, hellllloo P-spot!), try out a partnered vibrator, such as the We-Vibe Unite, use a strap-on or keep all your clothes on and dry hump into oblivion.

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5. Put down a towel and embrace the red

Period sex can be sexy as hell. Though wildly stigmatized, it is completely normal to be interested in and even turned on by period blood in the bedroom. Buy yourself an extra-large dark towel, lay it on the bed and go to town. You’ll definitely want to do laundry after, but it’ll certainly be worth it.

So there you have it. Period play is totally a thing. Go forth, get messy and get laid!

By Hannah Rimm


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