This Is One Way to Close the Orgasm Gap

May 8, 2017 at 2:02 p.m. ET
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According to statistics, women have around 1 orgasm for every 3 that a man enjoys. While that statistic may seem defeating, women are having orgasms, it’s just less likely in heterosexual relationships. For instance, women who sleep with women have more orgasms than heterosexual women. And women who masturbate? It takes them, on average, four minutes to achieve an orgasm, which is the same amount of time as men.

Since its inception, Sexy Liberation has been on a mission to close that gap and continue empowering women to explore their body and take pleasure into their own hands.

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“Sexual exploration is an important component of progress in the ongoing Sexual Revolution,” explains Sexy Liberation’s website. “In 2014, we noticed that there are no services that existed such as this, so we started to build one.”

Sexy Liberation started by distributing sex toys anywhere from clinics to gender studies departments. Now, they have a website that anyone can shop from, and if your worry is packaging, they also offer discreet shipping.

Sexuality is an ever-changing experience. It may start with understanding that there’s no wrong way to masturbate while also including the use of toys you never thought you’d own.

The average cost of a sex toy, like a vibrator, can range from $15 and $100. Because there’s a learning curve with each and the reality that one may work better for you than another, Sexy Liberation makes swapping out sex toys both affordable and accessible.

Since going viral, the company has had an overflow of orders, ranging among cock rings, lipstick vibrators, anal beads and bondage floggers.

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Here are some must-have products to check out on Sexy Liberation.

Vibrating waterproof cock ring

Since this toy is a specialty item, you have probably never considered purchasing it before. However, this purple vibrating ring comes with a battery, lasts up to 80 minutes and is meant to pleasure both partners. The best part? It’s $0.00 (Editor's note: No, that is not a typo). For a toy that you may not be sure if you enjoy or not, now is the time to indulge that curiosity. For more free products, the purple silicone butt plugs and the lipstick bullet vibrator are both an incredible total of $0.00.

Power bullet vibrator

This discreet toy is a little over 2 inches long and is simple, waterproof and comes with batteries. This toy can be used for nipple play, clitoral stimulation or testicle play as well. The power bullet vibrator is great to use during penetrative sex and is tiny enough to carry with you in your purse or pocket. It’s for sale on Sexy Liberation for $7.99.

Magic wand vibrator

This is a classic and well-known vibrator, but Sexy Liberation is selling it for $27.99. Everyone should have this staple vibrator in their collection, so why not grab it while it’s cheap?! Deep and powerful, this sex toy comes with a plug or USB for charging and has high to low power speeds for a desired massage.

Simply choose which products you are interested in purchasing and pay for shipping. All products are body-safe and body-positive. The company is sourcing their toys from various warehouses around the world to maximize the free toys.

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Part of the pleasure problem for women is breaking the stigma around sex toys. Sexy Liberation is offering these toys for maximum experimentation and exploration, embarrassment not included.

By S. Nicole Lane

Originally published on HelloFlo.