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Reminder: Please Do Not Get Liposuction in a Barn

When deciding whether to undergo cosmetic surgery, it’s important to consider factors like the reputation of the doctor and the length of the recovery process. Now, you can add “make sure the clinic isn’t located in a barn” to the list.

A Michigan doctor is currently under investigation for allegedly performing liposuction in a barn without the proper licensing. (Which forces us to ask: Is there a proper license for doing cosmetic surgery in a barn in Michigan?)

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Dr. Bradley Bastow of Body Laser Sculpting has been issued a warning by the county health department after the sheriff’s department tipped off health officials because they were concerned he wasn’t complying with biohazard standards.

According to a report by KSLA, the pole barn — as in, the kind of barn with a foundation supported by poles with metal walls — had several cars in the parking lot, and the standard trash cans were full of items used in medical procedures.

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Nick Stegman, who says he worked in a pharmacy in the building of Bastow’s previous location, told the Detroit Free Press that “he purchased a couple limos and part of his whole thing is he would pick the people up in the limo, do surgery and then he would drive them back to wherever it was he picked them up,” adding that “a lot of things I seen [sic] working at the pharmacy in the same building did not seem very sanitary.”

If you or anyone you know have recently undergone cosmetic surgery — in a barn or elsewhere — and have signs of infection including fever, redness and swelling, please seek medical care immediately (in a licensed medical facility).

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