Just in Time to Ruin Your Weekend, We Learn White Wine Can Cause Rosacea

Everyone knows that warm, subtle glow we get when drink our favorite liquor or pair our favorite wine with a meal. And even more drastically than that, studies have shown that red wine is a common trigger for rosacea — a skin condition that looks like red flare-ups all over your face. But even though this is something we’ve had time to consider, studies have just recently added white wine to that list, showing that it might actually do more damage than red wine does.

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The results of this study were published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, and it actually changed the idea around wines regarding rosacea development, concluding that red wine doesn’t really do much to increase the chances of contracting rosacea. Red wine actually contains anti-inflammatory properties, so while it can cause flare-ups, the concept of it triggering rosacea in any individual is now contested.

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White wine, on the other hand, has a much more drastic effect. From the study and data collected from around 83,000 nurses across the country, women who drink around one to three glasses of white wine a month had a 14 percent increase in the chances of developing rosacea. Women who drank five or more glasses a week greatly increased their risk by 49 percent, leaving little room for dispute when it comes to white wine consumption and the development of the life-altering skin condition. So even though it’s fine to have a glass or two every now and then, maybe now you should think twice before you plan to rosé all day.

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