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The Truth About Women’s Sexting Habits May Surprise You

It’s no secret that the dating scene changes just about as often as you change your profile picture. And with the countless apps and social media posts constantly dishing out how-tos about the dating and relationships scene, it can be hard to tell what’s fact and what’s crap.

Well, thanks to Tinder, we now have some new insight into the myths and realities of dating in 2017. The swiping app recently conducted a national survey, and what they found will probably make you think twice about some of your preconceptions about dating. The poll, which captured responses from 9,522 U.S. men and women, compared and contrasted dating habits for online users and offline daters.

Check out some of the top intriguing and helpful takeaways below.

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Myth: Men send more unwanted sexts
Reality: Women do it just as often!
Men aren’t the only ones sending unsolicited nude photos of their bods… 50 percent of men and 50 percent of women are sending sexy selfies to someone who didn’t necessarily ask for them.

Myth: Online dating killed commitment
Reality: People who click are likelier to commit!
Keep swipin’ on, singles — 74 percent of online daters have had more than one committed relationship as adults versus 49 percent of offline daters.

Myth: There are too many choices to commit…
Reality: …Not really
Online daters are finding that less is actually more — 44 percent of online daters and 42 percent of offline daters say it’s tough to commit due to the wide array of dating options, but only 9 percent of Tinder users report that they find it challenging to maintain a committed relationship; significantly lower than the national average.

Myth: Online daters are promiscuous
Reality: Online daters are far safer when it comes to health
When it comes to using protection when having sex with a new partner for the first time, 70 percent of online daters report safe sex practices most of the time or always versus just 63 percent of offline daters. Go Tinder!

Myth: Online daters hide behind a screen
Reality: Online daters are more likely to actually meet up
When it comes to actually getting together, 25 percent of online daters say they meet their matches in person after just two to seven days versus 15 percent of offline daters. Makes you wonder WTF the others are doing.

Myth: Online daters cheat more
Reality: A majority of online daters stay true to their partner
In a close match, but still a clear winner, online daters (93 percent) stay true to their partner more than offline daters (90 percent). This proves that fidelity does matter to most of us.

And if you think users are only checking out your good looks, guess again. Tinder users care most about age and education, with appearance only ranking third. But you might want to spend some time researching your potential dates’ political views because users site political differences as a major deal-breaker. Keep on swipin’!

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