This App Wants to Help You Master Going Down On Your Partner — One Lick at a Time

Well, now there’s an app to practice something a little less PG-rated.

After you graduated from first kiss practice, you may have also practiced blow jobs on cucumbers, bananas or other phallic-like grocery store staples. However, these shapes don’t really lend themselves to vaginal oral sex. “Lick This” is an app that allows you to practice eating out a vagina by licking your phone screen. Created by two design dudes who (perhaps not so cleverly) refer to themselves as Club Sexy Time, Lick This lets you test your stamina for eating out. Turns out, there really is an app for everything.

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Lick This provides you with several different tongue exercises that simulate oral sex. Exercises include moving your tongue up and down on the screen, circling it around, and if you want to test your natural skills, there’s also a freestyle round.

Your cunnilingus abilities are tested by how many times you can sharpen a pencil, bounce a beach ball and flip a light switch on and off, all on your screen, all with the movements of your tongue. There are no definitive tips on how to perform oral sex; I suppose the point is the longer and faster you are able to perform the digital tasks the app provides, the better you might be at going down on someone IRL.

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While this might be something fun to try with a partner (after you have either wiped your phone down completely or covered it in plastic wrap, because phone screens are grimy), the best way to really improve your oral sex prowess is to sit down and talk to each other. Ask your partner what they like or tell them what you’re into. Experiment with different movements together, and show or tell what works for you. Whether this conversation is aided by the app or not, it’s still one worth having for the sexual satisfaction of both of you.

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Even co-creator Chris Allick admits this app is not the be-all, end-all for learning to perform oral sex. Instead, it is meant to jumpstart discussion about a topic that is still considered taboo, as well as examine just how personal our interactions with technology can be.

“Do we think you’ll be a better lover because of it?” said Allick. “No. Do we think it’s an interesting approach to human computer interaction and making people think about their sexuality and maybe start a conversation? Totes.”

By Ariel Wodarcyk

Originally published on HelloFlo.