Why an Olympic Gold Medalist Is Opening Up About Living With Lupus

After years of hiding it from teammates, former professional soccer player Shannon Boxx has become a vocal advocate of lupus awareness. The 39-year-old three-time Olympic gold medal winner is now speaking up about her condition and recently sat down with SheKnows and Dr. Tania Gonzalez-Rivera, a rheumatologist, to discuss the importance of knowing the symptoms of this potentially debilitating disease.

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Lupus: what you need to know

  • Lupus is an incurable chronic autoimmune disease that can affect and damage any part of the body, including skin, joints and/or internal organs.
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus is one of the most serious and common forms of lupus, affecting approximately 200,000 Americans — 90 percent of whom are women.
  • Lupus is three times more likely to affect African-American women and twice as likely to affect Asian-American women and Latinas than Caucasian women.

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For more information on symptoms and when to talk to your doctor, visit Us in Lupus.

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