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The Major Way Modern Daters Are Different From Older Generations

Going out on a first date isn’t about putting on heels and an LBD and splitting a fancy meal — at least not anymore according to a new study. And if couples are going out for elaborate feasts, they’re probably going Dutch according to new data from a joint survey by Tinder and GrubHub.

In the study, the two digital on-demand companies polled 2,000 singles and found that the majority were A-OK with splitting the check on a first date (or, if they’re millennials, maybe they’ve just gotten used to it?). In fact, only 36 percent would say no to a second date simply based on who footed the bill. And 62 percent weren’t even that interested in having a high-end meal; they just wanted a hearty one! Hey, fair enough.

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Still, even if couples are kind of over the idea of old-fashioned, formal dining-out dates, it turns out that they do still care about etiquette. Casual restaurants and paying for yourself is one thing, but bad table manners is another entirely. Not knowing how to use chopsticks or stealing food off a plate is still considered a major faux pas. At least some things are still sacred!

Maybe most interesting of all is that 60 percent of respondents were down with the idea of getting takeout and eating dinner at home during the third date. (Emphasis on third — since Netflix and chill is often code for “hang out and hookup,” it makes sense that some people would be more comfortable with takeout on the couch after a few dates getting to know one another. If you like someone enough to make out, you probably know it by then.)

Looks like dating isn’t nearly as complicated or high-maintenance as it used to be — at least not where eating is concerned!

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