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Now Goop Can Help You Get to Fifth Base

If there’s anyone we should thank for teaching us how to live the aesthetically pleasing life, all eyes obviously turn to the almighty Gwyneth Paltrow and the wisdom of Goop, her online persona manifested into a lifestyle website. And while we all hasten to her every beck and call for lifestyle changes — whether that be shelling out for a jade egg or learning how to sleep “cleanly” — just wait until you hear what she’s got in store for us next.

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In case you don’t know how anal sex works or don’t know how to start, fear not — Goop has provided us with the ultimate startup guide to having your own backdoor fun. In Goop’s Sex Issue, Paltrow levels with us that anal has gone from strange to standard in every bedroom. Even though it seems like a porn exclusive you’d have to pay monthly to experience vicariously, the reality is “everyone’s doing it,” according to research psychoanalyst and author Dr. Paul Joannides, who also helps provide some insight.

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The issue then follows up with a Q&A with Joannides, giving us a crash course on when anal became a thing and a reality-check on porn standards as well as potential health risks. He mentions that it takes work to feel good, and if you’re willing to put some effort in, you’re bound to get good out of it. He gives us some much-needed advice, saying, “[I]n addition to teaching the sphincters to relax, and in addition to getting the angle right so you don’t poke the receiver in the wall of the rectum, you need to use lots of lube.” Well spoken.

And what kind of gem would this Goop original be if it didn’t leave us with something to think about — and that something was what we should be telling our kids. Yup, you heard me right, because better we tell them than someone else, right?

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So let’s give a round of applause for this blessing from the sex goddesses out there and for the unprecedented (albeit unsolicited) wisdom that is Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop.

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