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How to Pack the Perfect Traveling Date Night Kit

Life is busy, no? Adulting comes with all kinds of responsibilities that pull you in what seems like a million different directions, making it hard to imagine running a brush through your hair some days — much less squeezing in a romantic night out with your significant other.

The thing is, though, you deserve date night, and so does your S.O. Life is hectic, yes, but it’s also meant for living!

Of course, just because you should be enjoying quality time with your love on the regular doesn’t mean you magically have tons of time to plan an elaborate date night (really, does anyone?). And when date night does finally arrive, you want to squeeze the most out of every minute… and not waste what could be amazing moments preoccupied with planning and other minutiae.

So you know what you need? A no-muss, no-fuss traveling date night kit, and we’re here to show you how to pack the perfect one.


  • A city map
  • A speaker and music
  • Champagne and portable flutes
  • A sweet treat
  • Napkins or a handkerchief
  • A cozy blanket
  • A camera
  • A box or bag
  • Tea lights


Step 1

Before you can pack your kit, you’ll need to get the prep work out of the way. First up? Making special use of your city map. Start by thinking of special places around the city you want to visit during your date night. These can be places that hold some special significance for you as a couple (e.g., the movie theater where you had your first date) or simply places you’ve been dying to try together. Once you’ve settled on an achievable number of spots for one night, mark them on your map.

Image: Nick Ferrari/SheKnows Styling: Nicole Heffron

Step 2

No good date night would be complete without a soundtrack to set the mood. Grab your music player — or even your smartphone — and create a playlist you know your S.O. will love. You can stream it during the picnic portion of your date to really amp up the romance.

Step 3

Speaking of the picnic, now that you’ve knocked out the map and the music, it’s time to turn your attention to what’s on the menu. A prearranged platter takes the guesswork out of picking out the perfect food for your big night — HORMEL GATHERINGS® party trays come in all sorts of sophisticated pairings, such as Italian dry salami and fresh Asiago cheese with a mix of dried fruit and nuts or crafted salami with cheddar cheese paired with butter crackers.

Naturally, you’ll want to grab some sort of bubbly for the night, whether it be Champagne or sparkling cider. And finally, toss in a sweet treat to cap off your culinary fare. Chocolate-covered strawberries are a classic choice, but if you’re worried about melting, you could always pick up a bag or box of your S.O.’s favorite candy.

Just don’t forget portable Champagne flutes and napkins for your noshing.

Image: Nick Ferrari/SheKnows Styling: Nicole Heffron

Step 4

You’ll want to capture the inevitably amazing memories you’re going to have, so grab your camera and any necessary gear: memory cards, tripod, etc. Double-check your battery life a few days before your date in case you need time to charge.

Step 5

Designate a box or bag to be your portable date night kit container. Then, start stocking it! One by one, pack your HORMEL GATHERINGS® party tray, your Champagne and portable flutes, napkins or a handkerchief, a cozy blanket, your camera and gear, tea lights, speaker and music-streaming device of choice, your newly marked-up city map and a sweet treat.

Image: Nick Ferrari/SheKnows Styling: Nicole Heffron

Step 6

Now that your date night kit is packed and ready to be put into action, mark down the date on your calendar, call a babysitter if you need one and ask your S.O. to join you for a special evening.

Once on your date, pull out your city map and make sure to stop at each spot you marked to take a picture together. One of these spots will undoubtedly lend itself well to a romantic picnic by tea lights, which is your cue to break out the bubbly, HORMEL GATHERINGS® party tray and sweet treat. Cozy up to your S.O., wrap the blanket around the two of you and then use your speaker and music player to make the night even more memorable with music.

Image: Nick Ferrari/SheKnows Styling: Nicole Heffron

This post was sponsored by the makers of HORMEL GATHERINGS® party trays.

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