The Best Monthly Wellness Subscriptions to Keep You Feeling Great

By now, you’re used to having monthly payments automatically drafted from your account. From streaming services like Netflix and Hulu to that rent or mortgage payment that never gets easier to stomach, subscribing to services or paying bills is part of the modern to-do list.

But have you considered opting into a service where a bit of health is mailed to your door every 30 days? It’s not just healthy food companies that are making getting nutritious meals on the table easier. Everything from vitamins to products that help you live a vegan lifestyle is now available via subscription.

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If you want a seamless way to make sure you think about your health at least once a month, try signing up for one of these, stat.

For vitamins: Care/of

You’ve rolled your eyes at your mom more times than you can count when she says that you “should really be taking a multivitamin!” — but with new supplement startup Care/of, you’ll make her day. Getting started is super-simple. You take a quiz based on your lifestyle and habits, along with any deficiencies you suffer from (lack of vitamin D, lack of iron) — and they recommend what types of vitamins and supplements you should take. If you decide to go with their picks, they’ll mail you individual daily packets each month, making packing your vitamins for business trips a no-brainer. Your once-a-day vitamin party rings up at different monthly prices, but you can expect to pay around $40.

For vegans: Vegan Cuts

If you’ve opted out of eating meat, you might find it difficult to keep your diet interesting and to secure products that are in sync with your values. Enter: Vegan Cuts, founded by self-proclaimed vegan sleuths who do the dirty work for you, finding snacks, accessories and more that get their vegan seal of approval. You can choose from a few different types of monthly subscriptions, including snack boxes, beauty boxes and special edition boxes based on seasonal availability. Prices start around $20 a month.

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For testing: Bulu Box

Did you ever browse around your local Whole Foods or health food store and see at least a handful of items that you’d like to try, but you’re not sure you want to fork over the hard-earned cash for ‘em? We feel ya — and Bulu Box might be the answer you’ve been looking for. Each month, they’ll send you sample sizes of everything from snacks and beauty products to vitamins and workout must-haves. By logging in and reviewing what you thought of the product, you earn reward points. You can then cash in those points (100 points = $10) to help buy the full-size product that you fell in love with. The sample subscription is $10 a month.

For finding the best snack: Bestowed

Ever wonder what nutritionists actually eat? Now you don’t have to guess. Bestowed only uses products in their Discover Healthy gift box that are recommended and approved by healthy-eating experts. You can expect items like Hemp Pro, The Good Bean, Fiber Love and other pre- or post-workout goodies. Arguably even better than actually trying the snack is getting to know exactly what’s in it. Their website includes nutritional information, descriptions and user reviews for everything they’ve put in their boxes. Get started for around $25 a month.

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For just about everything: Amazon Sample Boxes

Just when you thought Amazon had thought of everything, there’s another item you can ask Alexa for: a sample box! Their curated options include men’s grooming, Mr. Olympia pre- and post-workout bites and a New Year, New You, with vitamin supplements and sports nutrition products. Each box contains around 14 samples for $15.


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