Melissa Rivers on How You Can Support Eye Health During the Oscars

Our eyes are something we may take for granted — that is, until they get itchy, red and dry. If this is common occurrence for you, you may have chronic dry eye. This means that your eyes don’t make or maintain enough high-quality tears, and it affects as many as 33 million people in America.

Ahead of this Sunday’s Oscars, legendary red carpet critic Melissa Rivers chatted with SheKnows about how this condition can affect you — and your look — and what you can do about it.

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“You can really always tell how someone looks by their eyes,” Rivers explained. “We’re in awards season now and you can really tell how they feel through their eyes — whether they’re happy or sad or feel good about themselves.”

A new campaign called Eyepowerment is working to raise awareness for CDE with a campaign that launches digitally during Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony.

Viewers can get involved during the red carpet by tweeting a selfie of their eyes during the Academy Awards with the hashtag #Eyepowerment. For every #Eyepowerment selfie shared on Twitter during the Oscars, Allergan will donate $10 to Dress for Success, a nonprofit that empowers women to achieve economic independence through access to professional attire, a network of support and development tools to help them thrive.

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“I think that is just fabulous. It’s an amazing cause,” Rivers told us.

As far as the red carpet goes, CDE isn’t just annoying — itchy, red eyes could mess up your whole look, she explained.

“Like we talk about on Fashion Police, you can’t just have the beautiful dress; the hair and makeup have to complete the look. Unless it’s Halloween, it’s not really working for your look,” Rivers said.

As for trends for Sunday’s red carpet, she expects to see “very ethereal embellished dresses and a lot of wide plunging necklines.” 

Rivers’ biggest takeaway from her involvement with the #Eyepowerment campaign? The importance of eye health.

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“I’m a big supporter of guide dogs for the blind,” she explained, noting that her father was also involved with that cause. “People don’t realize how important their eyes are. Your vision and eye health are so important.” 

You can watch Melissa Rivers discuss all things red carpet on E!’s Fashion Police on Monday, Feb. 27 at 8 p.m. EST.


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