8 Meditations That Will Relax You in 10 Minutes or Less

There’s a YouTube video for just about everything these days. There also happens to be a YouTube meditation video for just about every type of crappy mood and type of stress. If you’ve been craving just 10 minutes to yourself, try to find a quiet room and work one of these meditations into your day.

1. For positive energy

Let’s face it, we can’t all be a gleaming light of positivity all the time. When life doesn’t seem to be going your way (i.e., you spent the morning screaming at the guy who cut you off, then spilled coffee in your car, were late to work and never managed to get back on the right foot), sneak away to do this meditation for positive vibes on your lunch break.

2. For when you can’t sleep

Again, we’ve all been there, tossing and turning like our lives depended on it. To ensure you get some decent shut-eye, take 10 minutes before you get into bed to do this meditation.

3. For when you just need to relax already

So what if you have a ton to do? That doesn’t mean you can feel relaxed. You’ll probably find that you plow through your to-do list more efficiently if you work this meditation somewhere into your day first. It’s all about self-care, ladies. It pays off.

4. To help you be more productive

Whether you’re awake at 5 a.m. or 10 a.m., begin your day with this guided meditation to start it off on the right foot. That way, when that guy cuts you off, you spill your coffee and show up late to work, you can get yourself back on the right foot.

5. For stress and anxiety

We ladies tend to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders (it’s one reason heart disease affects women at greater rates than men). Don’t forget to take a step back and take time for you. Really, working any of these meditations into your routine will help reduce stress, but here’s one for stress and anxiety specifically.

6. For when you can’t stop being negative

Sometimes you need positive vibes because things aren’t going your way, and sometimes you need positive vibes because you’ve got a stick in your side and can’t manage to see the world in a better light. This meditation can help remind you that the world is just as much good as it is bad.

7. To spark gratitude

Bottom line: We can all afford to be a little more grateful, and sometimes we just need a reminder. This meditation will help.

8. To help you be more present

Technology has made it all too easy to bury our noses in social media. While a lot of good things come from being more connected, it can also be pretty damaging if we don’t take the time to be present with our friends and family, and in life in general. Try this meditation to bring you back down to Earth and out of the clouds.

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