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6 Proven Personality Traits That Make It Easier to Find Love

There are few things more validating than finding out that being a good human is rewarded in measurable ways. In one satisfying example, OkCupid data recently revealed that women who have certain values — specifically ones that align with being politically progressive — are likelier to find successful romantic matches. Yay, karma!

In a blog post, OkCupid laid out its findings, which defined women who are “successful” in love as those who deactivated their profiles because they started a relationship with someone they met on the site. OkCupid analyzed those women’s profiles to find out what they had in common. Here are the characteristics shared by these “totally badass” women:

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Ladies who find love GAF. OkCupid reports that being caring is the second-most common trait among successful female daters. Women who answer “yes” to the question “do you feel obligated to help your fellow human beings?” are 72 percent likelier to meet a partner.


Women who support same-sex marriage are 85 percent likelier to end up in successful relationships. So, even if you’re heterosexual, acknowledging that all love is equal, no matter what your gender or sexual orientation, is statistically likely to help you meet a good match.

Sexual positivity

Embracing sexuality, feeling comfortable answering a partner’s questions about your sexuality, being pro-masturbation and anti-celibacy-until-marriage: All of these sex-positive beliefs and qualities make women likelier to be lucky in love.

A desire for intellectual compatibility

Do typos kinda bug you? Do you believe education and intelligence can play a role in attraction? Well, then you’re probably going to have an easier time finding a great match when you’re dating.

An interest in free press

Women who believe that the public should have access to all literature, regardless of content, are 34 percent likelier to find relationship success, according to OkCupid. It’s not just education — it’s being in tune with the news and what’s happening in the world, it seems.

A belief in political secularism

Believing in a separation of church and state makes women 30 percent likelier to meet someone on OkCupid. Not sure exactly what that’s about, but all this seems to add up to the fact that the more liberal, progressive, and open-minded you are politically, the better your odds are on the relationship front.

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