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Best apps for reproductive health now that we’re basically on our own

Diana-Ashley Krach

While the future of health care is precarious, and reproductive rights are being taken away at an alarming rate, we have no choice but to be our own advocates. Luckily, technology is advancing in ways that make managing health more accessible. There’s an app for practically everything these days, but some of them are making a difference in the history of reproductive health.

Taking a few minutes out of your day can help thousands of others who are suffering from a similar reproductive disease, or it can help you understand your own condition. Some of them offer actual doctor visits through telemedicine, which can be very helpful when a physical office visit isn’t accessible. Even a simple daily reminder can change the way you take control of your health.

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The following is a roundup of the best apps for reproductive health…

Phendo by Citizen Endo: This was created by a small group of researchers to find out more about endometriosis. People with endometriosis can track symptoms either daily or by the “moment,” and the data is used to compile how differently the disease manifests in everyone. It’s available for free on iPhone and will be on Androids in 2017.

myWanda: This app has interactive tools that help keep your heart healthy. Through tracking sleep patterns, offering advice on reducing stress and alerting you to certain healthy behaviors, like drinking more water, the app can help reduce symptoms. Labeling itself as “artificial intelligence with personality,” the predictive data claims to be able to predict hospital readmittances before they occur. This app is available for free and requires iOS 9.0 or later.

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WomanLog Calendar: This provides multiple ways to track health symptoms, making an excellent resource for when you’re at the doctor’s office and need to recall specifics. The free edition has sexual activity, basal body temperature, mood and pill tracking. More in-depth ovulation monitoring is available with the pro (paid) edition on both iPhone (iOS 8.0 or later) and Android.

Kindara: Along with charting fertility progress and data entry to track pregnancy progress, this app provides a strong community to discuss fertility issues. The app provides charts and other ways to naturally prevent pregnancy, if that is your goal, and makes it easier to understand any possible conditions you may have. It operates on Android and iOS 8.0 or higher and is free.

Clue: This period tracker uniquely helps the user identify certain patterns in their cycle. The app also provides special technology that connects your symptoms to your friends or contacts. Clue says that making this connection with friends and family will start conversations about reproductive health. It’s available for free on iPhone and Android.

Spot On: Planned Parenthood provides a comprehensive tool for everything contraceptive-related. It keeps track of whatever form you may be taking, with ways to log mental and physical side effects. If you forget to log taking a pill, the app will remind you the next time you log in. Spot On is available for free on both iPhone and Android.

Eve by Glow: This tracks period and ovulation along with an interactive community for sharing stories or asking questions. There are resources for those looking to conceive or for those who have health concerns. It offers in-app purchases and is available on iPhone and Android.

HealthTap: Ask a large network of doctors health questions for free and access a huge library of medical information. Private consultations are possible virtually or over text message with doctors during office hours. It’s available for free on Android or iPhone.

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Progyny: This app offers a wide network of fertility doctors and clinics, allowing for comparison of reviews from other patients along with prices. The company offers benefit packages that cover the process from beginning to end. You can also text or call medical experts with any questions. It’s currently only available for Android.

Maven: While the app itself is free, you can instantly book a 10-minute video appointment with a vetted medical professional for a small fee (the site provides a code for a free visit). You can also explore the chat forum to discuss health issues. Maven currently only operates on iOS 9.0 or later.

Spruce: Visit with a board-certified dermatologist from your phone through this app and treat a long list of conditions. It’s only available in certain states currently, but the app can be used on Android or iPhone.

Breast Check Now: This app provides a reminder to check breasts and can be tailored to user preference. Clear pictures and instructions make it easier to understand breast health, and their accompanying website lists ways to get involved in breast health awareness. Breast Check Now is available for free on Android and iPhone.

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