This Helpful Service Gives Trans People the Health Care They Deserve

Around 19 percent of trans and nonbinary people have been refused medical care due to their gender identity, 28 percent have experienced “harassment in a medical setting” and 2 percent have been subjected to physical violence in a doctor’s office according to the same study from The Task Force.

This is why it is so crucial to have websites like the newly funded MyTransHealth. MyTransHealth is similar to the Referral Aggregator Database Remedy, formerly mentioned here, but the difference is that MyTransHealth focuses solely on trans and nonbinary people, not other LGBTQ folks as well. MyTransHealth also allows users to find more than just a competent doctor; the website will show options for “medical, mental health, legal, and crisis care.”

MyTransHealth is a free website designed “for trans people, by trans people.” The website will allow you to enter your location, choose the type of care you are looking for and then filter results by what you deem most important. Filters include language, insurance and accessibility, as well as citizenship status. Users will be able to provide ratings and reviews of the providers they connect with through the website. MyTransHealth will also recommend providers they themselves have researched based on the provider’s history with transgender patients, sensitivity training among the provider’s staff and more.

For now, MyTransHealth only has the funds to serve New York City and Miami. However, if the website proves successful in these cities, they have big plans for expansion. To learn more about MyTransHealth and share feedback with the creators, you may reach them though or their wonderfully informative Facebook pageTwitter and Tumblr.

By Ariel Wodarcyk

Originally published on HelloFlo.