We are all Tiffany Trump

Right now, a significant portion of America is feeling left out — overlooked, even. We voted for a presidential candidate who won the popular vote by almost 3 million votes, yet somehow, it’s like we don’t exist and our interests don’t matter — at least in the eyes of the president-elect.

If there’s one person who can relate to this feeling more than anyone right now, it’s Tiffany Trump — Donald’s daughter with ex-wife Marla Maples.

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The 23-year-old “Like A Bird” singer recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, is considering attending Harvard Law School and is friends with Little Miss Sunshine. By all accounts, she’s doing pretty well. In fact, she is likely the most well-adjusted of all the Trump offspring, particularly since her mother famously told The New York Times that “I had the blessing of raising her pretty much on my own.”

Since starting his presidential campaign, Donald has made no secret of his love for — and attraction to — his daughter Ivanka. He is also fond of Don and Eric — his other children with ex-wife Ivana Trump — and their slicked-back business hair. And his youngest son — with current wife Melania Trump — is literally named Barron, so his legacy within the Trump dynasty is pretty secure.

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The Brothers Trump are there to take over the family business. Ivanka will settle into her role as first daughter-lady. And then there’s Tiff.

On Election Day, Donald told a Fox & Friends panel that he was proud of all his children — and Tiffany — “you know, to a lesser extent.”

Tiffany is Jan Brady to Ivanka’s Marcia. She’s the Peggy Schuyler of the Trump family. We are aware of her existence, but don’t really know much about her beyond that. And her father seems to prefer it that way.

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Tomorrow I’ll think of Tiffany — we’ll both be in D.C., neither one of us with free blowouts — and hope that her exclusion from the spotlight will allow her to lead a relatively normal life. If nothing else, at least she’ll be able to afford health care.


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