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It’s a better time to be a woman than a man, according to Republican men

Oh, hi, Republican men. I didn’t see you there. That’s probably because you’re feeling left out — invisible, even — in this scary new world where a woman won the popular vote in the presidential election.

You may be familiar with — or even participated in — a recent poll that found that men underestimated the sexism felt by the women in their lives. And while most respondents said that it’s a better time to be a man than a woman in our society, only one group disagreed — that’s right, Republican men.

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This is not the least bit surprising considering that the party platform is essentially built on the foundation of advocating a return to the “good old days” when families consisted of a working man married to a woman who stayed at home to care for their 2.5 children. You know, back when America was great.

In your minds, that whitewashed idealized 1950s version of America (that never existed for anyone but you) is the norm. But here’s the thing: When the “norm” is actually deeply ingrained patriarchy where you always have been privileged in almost every way, even the slightest challenge to that feels like you’re losing something. And you are — your inherent, unquestioned entitlement.

When being in a position of power is all you know, of course it’s going to feel worse when another group — which has always been characterized as being lesser than yours — makes any gains in terms of relative wages or the ability to control their own bodies.

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First women wanted to vote and have jobs, which definitely didn’t make things easier for you. Now we want crazy things like better parental leave policies and not to be grabbed by our genitals without our consent.

We want you to adjust the language you use, so you’re not referring to grown women as “girls” and those of us who have a job as “career women.”

We run our mouths about annoying things like emotional labor and how it has always fallen to us and realize that even having to be aware of its existence is exhausting for you. Our thoughts are with you during this stressful time.

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