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Netflix docs on women’s health to watch while you lounge

The days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve can be wonderfully relaxing — lounging in your favorite sweats, eating leftovers and watching some TV. Here are a few suggestions for documentaries on women’s health streaming on Netflix right now. This way, at least you’ll learn while you lounge.

1. Trapped

Need a quick primer on the reproductive rights you will be fighting to retain after Jan. 20? Trapped takes a look at how women’s health clinics struggle to stay open despite a steady stream of laws trying to shut them down.

2. My Beautiful Broken Brain

This documentary follows one woman who had a stroke at age 34 as she reclaims her life and relearns how to speak, read and write. It’s a fascinating look into how our brain operates.

3. Bound by Flesh

Daisy and Violet Hilton were some of the most famous women in America thanks to being conjoined twins and musical performers — starting out in sideshows then making their way to vaudeville. This film presents a fascinating and intimate look at the lives of conjoined twins — and yes, they talk about sex stuff.

4. Fannie’s Last Supper

Bostonian Fannie Farmer is one of the most influential names in American cooking. Having survived a paralytic stroke at age 16, she went on to become a leader in the domestic science movement, which focused on ensuring proper diet and nutrition to sustain the body. This documentary technically isn’t about that, but it’s an interesting look at Victorian cooking.

5. Extremis

This documentary on end-of-life decision-making is not easy to watch, but it’s only 24 minutes long. In that short time, it offers an interesting and heartbreaking look at choices doctors, patients and family members must make surrounding terminal illness.

6. Iris

Just so you don’t end on a downer, treat yourself to a viewing of Iris, which is about the New York fashion icon. Again, it’s not technically about health, but Iris didn’t make it to 95 being unhealthy, so we can all take some tips from her.

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