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Athlete shows why it pays for women to be ‘too muscular’

MMA athlete Miesha Tate was in the right place at the right time over the weekend. Tate was climbing a mountain outside Las Vegas when she encountered a mom struggling to bring her daughter — with a broken arm — down the hill.

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“I offered to carry the little girl to the bottom,” Tate wrote on Facebook. After the young girl, named Kai, gave consent, “I preceded to carry the sweet little thing all the way to the bottom. Kai and I learned a lot about each other on the roughly 2 mile descent and It’s fair to say she inspired me.”
Tate’s strength and visible muscle tone is beautiful and helps her with MMA, but she has been criticized — like many other muscular woman — for not being feminine enough. “I have been told many times that I am ‘too buff’ or ‘manly’ that I should stop lifting weights, that it’s ‘gross’ and not attractive for a woman,” she wrote on Instagram.

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That “manliness” came in handy when it was needed most and someone needed her help. That’s what so many who criticize athletic, muscular women forget: There’s a real benefit too being “too muscular” or “too bulky.”

“I am so happy I never listened to the limitations others wanted to put on me and I hope that our youth knows that don’t have to conform,” she wrote on Instagram. “And I just have to say this was one of the most rewarding days of my athletic career.”

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