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Man gets stood up by online date, ends up staying at the airport for 10 days

Dating can be full of disappointments.

Just ask Alexander Pieter Cirk. The 41-year-old man traveled from the Netherlands to China to meet a girl he met online, but she never showed up. According to the BBC, Cirk landed at the Changsha airport and waited for a woman named Zhang — and waited. And waited.

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He eventually spent 10 days in the airport before he was taken to a Chinese hospital.

“Doesn’t he know that everything in China is fake?” one person wrote on social media of Cirk. This wasn’t an epic case of catfishing, though: The woman is real, but she had no idea he was coming and was away undergoing plastic surgery at the time.

“We had advanced our romantic relationship but later he seemed a little callous towards me,” Zhang told Hunan TV about their months-long online relationship. “One day he sent me a photo of air tickets abruptly and I thought it was a joke. He didn’t contact me later.”

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So, it sounds like Cirk just flew thousands of miles, expecting Zhang to be there.

There still might be a happy ending to this story. Zhang said she’d still like to meet her online suitor after she heals from her surgery.

Let’s just hope they actually communicate about travel plans before he boards a plane this time.

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