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5 sex positions for the lascivious Leo

It’s time for some colossal coital catharsis because Leos live to bring the drama.

Born in midsummer, Leos are the ultimate lover’s lover; this is the sign that God was thinking of when she created the very concept of pleasure. Yet it’s not just about the corporeal — heart-centeredness is key for you. When you focus too much on just your brain or your body, you don’t feel like yourself.

But when your heart, mind and limbs converge and your lover hits you in the right spot, oh, how you purrr. A satisfied Leo, one who has not been ignored even for a millisecond, will nap peacefully until she craves more attention. And when true love meets hot sex, your joy knows no bounds.

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If you don’t get the attention you crave, your purring will change to a definitive roar — and not the good kind. Your lovers must learn to navigate these fiery, explosive demands or they’ll suffer your ferocity.

As the second fire sign of the zodiac, you’re not quite as quick to anger as an Aries, but you’re not unfamiliar with feistiness and you’ve been known to throw a plate at your partner when he/she wasn’t paying enough attention to you. You need to be seen, or you will make a scene. Your favorite lovers are the ones who notice you the first time, the second time and basically all the time.

Your presence matters, and you enter rooms declaratively. You like to get into character before sex. This is your way of bringing a bit of Hollywood glamour to your life between the sheets. When you enter the bedroom, you are walking on set.

Vanilla sex is so not your thing. Unless, of course, there’s so much authentic, pulsating love flowing between you that it overcomes any need for drama. However, if it’s early in the relationship, and that kind of love has not yet emerged — you require showstopping, bring-the-house-down sex. There must be mind-blowing orgasms for both partners, and the performance must have a clear beginning, middle and end. You need the proper denouement in order to feel like you’ve done it right. Just like Shakespeare, five acts are most satisfying.

Before you get close to naked, the first act should include showers of compliments and perhaps some gifts — chocolate or flowers do nicely. Your soon-to-be lover needs to look at you like you’re the only person who exists. Shy or less-than-effusive lovers need not apply for VIP tickets to your lair.

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You adore costumes, crazy-sexy lingerie, lots of role-playing and anything that heightens your experience. All manner of sex toys, whips, masks, feathers and maybe even a built-in stripper pole in the bedroom — all of these accouterments are up your alley. You like to give your lover a little pre-coital performance when time allows. If you don’t have a pole, a lap dance will do.

You are a showoff in bed, and you’re not sorry. You know how to do things, and you know how to do them with flair. You crave applause even while horizontal. If your lover is quiet, neglecting to tell you how brilliantly you’re performing, you can get a bit annoyed.

If you’re a long-haired Leo, you like lots of attention to your mane — hair down, all over the place, the messier and more matted by the end of the session, the better. Bed-head is something you pride yourself on.

Speaking of pride, you have loads of it. You do not do walks of shame — you do struts of honor. Even if you’re teetering home at 7 a.m. in last night’s heels and sequins — you’ve got a story to tell.

leo sex positions
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