Feng shui your bedroom for better sex, because why not?

Take a page from fiction writers when it comes to scripting your next sex scene. It’s all about the details. That rose-scented body oil you slathered on the backs of your knees, how you could still taste the wine on your lover’s lips — sensory details all factor into an experience that can make an already fun romp absolutely otherworldly.

The goal is to transform a boring bedroom into a space that invites, supports and encourages the best sex you’ll ever have. We tapped Nidhi Huba, a Yogi healer and founder of the design company AumHome to tell us all her most magical sex secrets when it comes to revamping your space.

“In feng shui and the Indian counterpart, vaasthu, the love area of your space is where the energy of harmony, partnership, romance, sex and love enter your domain,” says Huba. “It’s typically in the far right corner of your space, but can shift depending on astrology. When I work with clients, I usually run a chart and do a reading on the person to make sure.”

Huba suggests clearing the area (dead plants, dirt and dust are decidedly not sexy) and start by adding two of anything — lamps, candles, night tables and other accents. This sends a subliminal message. She also recommends clients add two beautiful rose quartz points. Rose quartz is the stone of the heart and a crystal of unconditional love.

“I also suggest to make space in your bedroom for another. Get rid of old pictures of former lovers and replace with art depicting what you want in life. One of my clients had a picture of a very sexy woman who looked like a vampire over his bed. He also continually kept attracting women who would literally suck him dry, financially and emotionally. He replaced it with a beautiful photograph of two birds flying side by side. He is now with a strong gorgeous woman who encourages him to be all that he can be.”

Colors can also have a powerful effect. Huba suggests using reds for energy, blues to calm, greens to become more heart-centered and for prosperity. She instructs clients to avoid the use of muddy colors and browns, which can dampen the energy. “Go beyond just colors and really try to use every sense. I love encouraging my clients to switch to soft sheets, cozy blankets and soft rugs. Work with room sprays and spritz a mix of sandalwood, cedar, rose and vetiver over the bed.”

Heather Haber and Remington Guest of the brand-new Advisory Board Crystals say not to discount rocks, stones and crystals to help call in loving vibes. “We like amethyst,” says Haber. “It’s the perfect all-purpose stone and is extremely powerful and protective. Placing amethyst anywhere in your home will protect it. Plus, the deep purple color invokes a strong sexual nature.”

Artist and creator of the candle line Lite + Cycle Kristi Head echoes the importance of a strong, powerful scent in the bedroom.

“To call in love, it’s important to clear all the old, stagnate relationships and negative energy of hopelessness out of the way before first,” says Head. “Burning sage clears, clarifies and helps forth all new good things. I suggest burning a sage candle in all the corners of your bedroom. Once complete, place the candle in the center of the room and meditate on what you want to call in. To take this practice to the next level, stare at the candle light to focus on the intent.”


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