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A woman styled a stranger for a first date and live-tweeted all about it

Do we have guardian angels? I like to think we do — and after this you’ll agree with me.

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Some of these guardian angels come in human form and pop up when you most need them. Case in point: Twitter user @imfromraleigh live-tweeted her story of being an unwitting angel for a guy needing an outfit for a first date.

He thought she was an employee; she wasn’t, but went with it.
Her style inspiration for this man? Ryan Gosling, of course.
She then had a heart-to-heart with him about his reasons for getting all gussied up for the date.
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She eventually admitted that she wasn’t a true stylist who worked for the store, but he didn’t care because of their new BFF status.
The whole thing sounds like the plot of a new romantic comedy. An awesome one, at that.
And if you’re reading, @imfromraleigh? Make sure you give us an update from you new BFF. We’re pretty sure his date was a homerun with your divine intervention.

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