New ad shows what periods are really all about — no white jeans in sight

Aug 4, 2016 at 11:44 a.m. ET
Image: Bodyform

Bodyform is committed to its mission to show the reality of periods, and its new advert is a winner. No ridiculous blue liquid. No smiling women prancing on the beach (or rollerblading, or cycling, or turning cartwheels) in skintight white jeans. No bullshit.

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The new ad is part of Bodyform's Red.Fit campaign — which brought us the magnificent "Blood" earlier this year — and continues the theme of showing that while periods are real and messy and bloody, we all have more important things to worry about.

"Trapeze," the latest Bodyform ad (from top U.K. ad agency AMV BBDO), shows a trapeze artist panicking when she realises her period has arrived just before a performance, and is the first of its kind to feature a real sanitary towel. The acrobat goes to the toilet, pulls down her pants and fits the towel to her underwear. A quick, simple act that millions of women all over the world do several times a day, for several days a month — but one that's been TV taboo until now.


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Bodyform has definitely set the bar high for sanitary products advertising, firstly by showing blood in an ad, and then featuring an actual product being used in a real-life situation. This is exactly how feminine care advertising should be. Tampons and pads aren’t cosmetics. They’re not luxuries. They’re practical items that women rely on because we bleed every month. That's real blood (red, not blue), and sometimes it's messy and annoying and painful. But other times it's actually not that big of a deal at all, and we just need the right products to help us get on with our lives. Whether that involves aerial acrobatics or not.

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